"Help Your Child Score 15 To 25 Marks MORE 
On Their Next Exam By Mastering The 18 
Most Frequently Tested Problem Sum Methods!" 


FACT: 75%  of The PSLE mathematics Paper 
Requires mastery of Problem Solving Methods!

With 75% of the PSLE Math Paper in the form of "Structured" Problem Solving format, mastering the must-know and frequently tested Problem Sum methods is what your child needs to score!

'Master Problem Sums by Friday!' is an intensive 5-day bootcamp where we immerse our students for 3 hours at a time, in the essential skills of identifying and effectively executing heuristics to master problem sums. 

In this program, your child will master the 18 must-know methods that we have curated for students to make them easy to understand. 

By the end of the program, your child would know how to identify and apply the heuristics to accurately and confidently solve problems sums. 

"How Will This Program Help My Child?"

Discover The Language of Problem Sums

Master the language of problem sums to decode and understand problem sums better and faster

Accurately Identify Heuristics Tested

Learn how to identify important clues and patterns that literally tell you which method is required

Master 18 Most Frequently Tested Methods

Learn 18 important strategies for solving problem sums through the model method, which applies to every topic

Apply Heuristics & Solve With 100% Accuracy

Choose the right strategy and confidently apply it to arrive at the solution effectively

Get Rid of Careless Mistakes Systematically

Learn the most effective way to check answers so as to weed out careless mistakes instantly

Higher Retention With Immersion Learning

Retain more in this intensive program than in school due to the rigour of the program over the course of one week

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"Introducing: The Coach Who Has Turned Around Math Results from F's to A's!"

The program will be conducted by Coach Saiful, the Amazon #1 International Bestselling Author of "Mom, Help Me Score A's in Math!" and the founder of Math Prodigies Learning Centre.

He successfully turned his failing marks in Math from F's to A's and have been helping other students do the same since 2011.

Watch the video above to find out more about how he has been doing!

"Shortcut Your Child's Route to Success
In The PSLE Math Paper With This Bootcamp!

'Master Problem Sums By Friday!' 5-Day Intensive


Limited Seats Only - Register Now!

"We are so happy for this improvement and your guidance & support and never ending assistance during the last minute crash course! Audy jumped 2 grades from the Prelims to score a B in the PSLE in just 5 short weeks!"


Mother of Audy Syauqi, From D to B in 5 weeks after the program

"SPECIAL BONUS: Bring Home The Program (Worth $150) For FREE!"

Mastering the skills shouldn't stop at the end of the 5-days program. We believe that your child should get continuous support and the ability to recap lessons they've learnt as many times as they need so that they can truly master the Heuristics taught to them. 

As such, at the end of the program, you will gain access to the recorded video of the program where your child can reference and recap concepts that were taught and use this as a study guide in all their homework and revisions. You too can watch the video to master the techniques and assist your child with revision! 

This means that both you and your child can review the 'Master Problem Sums by Friday!' program as many times as you like, absolutely for FREE!

"Here's What Some Students Have To Say About The Program!"

Here's how some students have benefited from the program

"Learnt All The Heuristics
to Score!"

I Didn't Know All The Methods Beforehand! From 67% to 100% In The Problem Sums Challenge!

This course helped me to improve in my Maths because I didn’t know all of the methods beforehand and Coach has helped me study a lot for my exam!"

- Maryam, Graduate of the "Master Problem Sums by Friday" Program

"More Confident In
Answering Questions
During The PSLE!"

After Finishing This Program, I Know Over 18 Concepts! From 0% to 50% In The Problem Sums Challenge!

Before the program, I only knew one or two concepts but after finishing this program, I know over 18 concepts that I can use during the examination. After this program, I feel like I can be more confident answering questions during the PSLE."

- Helmi, Graduate of the "Master Problem Sums by Friday" Program

"Don't Feel So Scared of Problem Sums Anymore!"

I Feel Like It Has Helped Me A Lot! From 17% to 83% In The Problem Sums Challenge!

Before the program, I felt very nervous when doing problem sums but now i don’t feel so scared anymore. I feel like it has helped me a lot because the way the Coach teaches is very precise.

- Syifaa', Graduate of the "Master Problem Sums by Friday" Program

"Become Better In Doing Problem Sums!"

I Feel Like I’ve Become Better In Doing Problem Sums! From 33% to 75% In The Problem Sums Challenge!

Before the course, I didn’t understand many problem sums and after the course, Coach has helped me understand better how to do them and now I feel like I’ve become better in doing problem sums.

- Dzikri, Graduate of the "Master Problem Sums by Friday" Program

"Changed My Attitude Towards Problem Sums
- It's Easy!"

The Program Helped Me Change My Attitude Towards Problem Sums! From 17% to 83% In The Problem Sums Challenge!

The program helped me change my attitude towards problem sums. Before I entered the program I was like 'NOOOOOOO! Problem sums!' but now I’m like 'Heh. Ok lah! It's easy!" So, changing attitude can also help change my results.

- Alhady, Graduate of the "Master Problem Sums by Friday" Program

"Helped Me Improve
Through A Fun And
Engaging Class!"

It Really, Really Helped Me Improve My Math! From 33% to 75% In The Problem Sums Challenge!

Before the course I feel like it might be quite boring and a waste of time but I still wanted to improve for the PSLE. But after the course I realised that the Coach is actually quite fun. He really, really helped me improve my Math. He taught the basic questions so that I can learn those harder ones. And even though some questions are hard, he will sometimes help me and the best part is that he always make jokes to make the lesson quite fun."

- Haiqal, Graduate of the "Master Problem Sums by Friday" Program

"Personal Guarantee: By The End of This Program, Your Child Would Have Taken The First Step Towards Scoring An ‘A’ in Math!”

Yes you read that right. By the end of this program, your child would have taken the first step towards scoring an ‘A’ in Math. Yes, an ‘A’ … and not only a pass.

Your child will no longer be scoring only borderline marks. They would now be able to break and cross that barrier thanks to their new-found abilities.

When they put effort into studying the other topics, they will realise that problem sums will no longer be a stumbling block, it will be their strength.

If they follow our system, they will no longer make the mistakes they used to make when solving problem sums. In fact, they’ll spot the “traps” in the question and jump over them as if they weren’t even there.

Inevitably, your child will no longer have the phobia of Math anymore and they will begin to enjoy it.

Your child will no longer lose marks unnecessarily as far as problem sums are concerned as their command of the various heuristics is rock-solid.

Simply said, like I said at the start, your child would have taken the first step towards scoring an ‘A’ in Math.

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