"Is Your Child Struggling With Primary 6 Math?
Help Your Child Master The Key Concepts of Primary 5 Math In Just 5 Lessons So That
They Can Finally Score In The Paper 1!" 

"Did You Know That The Paper 1 Contains Straightforward Questions Your Child Can Easily Score In If They Have These 2 Things?"

Here's the truth: 45% of the P5 & PSLE Math Paper is meant to help your child score "giveaway marks" in the form of MCQ's and Short Answer Questions. If your child is not able to pass the Math paper or is just scraping through, it means that your child lacks 2 things:

1) A clear and strong understanding of the key concepts of each topic.

2) Laser-focused practice of the 2 to 3 ways the basics of each topic are commonly tested.

The 'Back to Basics Crash Course!' is an intensive 5-day bootcamp where we immerse our students for 3 hours at a time, in helping your child fully understand the key concepts of every Primary 5 topic and solve the most commonly tested question types.

In this program, we will help your child clarify their doubts and make the must-know concepts easy and fun to understand through our teaching methods. 

By the end of the program, your child would be able to accurately and confidently solve the straightforward questions to score in the Paper 1! 

"How Will This Program Help My Child?"

Gain A Clear & Strong Understanding of Key Concepts

Step 1

Clarify all doubts that they may have to master the basics of each topic

Master The Most Frequently Tested Questions

Step 1

Learn the 2 to 3 ways a concept can be tested and master the methods through mindful drilling 

Higher Retention With Immersion Learning

Step 1

Retain more in this intensive program than in school due to the rigour of the program over the course of one week  

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"Introducing: The Coach Who Has Turned Around Math Results from F's to A's!"

The program will be conducted by Coach Saiful, the Amazon #1 International Bestselling Author of "Mom, Help Me Score A's in Math!" and the founder of Math Prodigies Learning Centre.

He successfully turned his failing marks in Math from F's to A's and have been helping other students do the same since 2011.

Watch the video above to find out more about how he has been doing!

"SPECIAL BONUS: Bring Home The Program (Worth $150) For FREE!"

Mastering the skills shouldn't stop at the end of the 5-days program. We believe that your child should get continuous support and the ability to recap lessons they've learnt as many times as they need so that they can truly master the key topics and methods taught to them. 

As such, at the end of the program, you will gain access to the recorded video of the program where your child can reference and recap concepts that were taught and use this as a study guide in all their homework and revisions. You too can watch the video to master the techniques and assist your child with revision! 

This means that both you and your child can review the 'P5 Back to Basics Crash Course!' program as many times as you like, absolutely for FREE!

"Here's What Some Parents Have To Say About The Program!"

These are actual screenshots of parents' messesages to us

"He Jumped From 30% to 50% As A Direct Result of The 5-Day Program!"

"She's Never Seen Her Daughter So Enthusiastic & Confident In Math Before! Going From 3/30 In The Pre-test to 23.5/30 In The Post-test In Just 5 Days! "

"She Was Beaming With Joy And Stayed Up Till 11pm To Practise Her Math As She Began To Understand More And Enjoy The Subject!"

"He's Become So Motivated After Just The First Lesson!"

"Personal Guarantee: By The End of This Program, Your Child Would Have Taken The First Step Towards Scoring An ‘A’ in Math!”

Yes you read that right. By the end of this program, your child would have taken the first step towards scoring an ‘A’ in Math. Yes, an ‘A’ … and not only a pass.

The first step to scoring an 'A' in Math is scoring for the Paper 1. 

The target of this program is to lay a strong foundation for your child to build on and help your child score at least 40/45 marks for the Paper 1.

Once your child sees that they're actually able to do that, they will no longer have the phobia of Math anymore and they will begin to enjoy it.

Your child will no longer lose marks unnecessarily as far as the Paper 1 is concerned and their command of the key concepts and methods will be strong.

Simply said, like I said at the start, your child would have taken the first step towards scoring an ‘A’ in Math.

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